Your experience with SWS

A fantastic Foundation that enabled me to play the sport I love in another country, where I was able to immerse myself in a new culture and broaden my mind. I fully back the Sebastian Wolff Foundation’s vision of allowing young people to visit other cities in Europe and promote an understanding for a common Europe. I am extremely lucky and thankful that I was given the opportunity to do exactly that.

Why did you join SWS?

I wanted to play hockey in another country for a year to improve and experience a different style of play, and whilst doing so try to pick up the language and culture of that country – therefore this was perfect.

When and for how long?

September 2016 – March 2017

Where were you located?


Where were you playing hockey? Which team? …

 1. Damen  in the Bundesliga for Großflottbeker Tennis Hockey und Golf Club  (GTHGC)

Apart from playing hockey, what were you doing with SWS? (Studying? Working? … ) Please give as much details as possible.

I learnt German at a language school called Colon in Hamburg which was full of friendly teachers and students J I also coached junior goalkeepers at GTHGC.

What did you learn during this experience?

I learnt that German is a hard language but follows the rules! Along little bit of German so that I could understand the general conversation and get by. I also learnt that the city of Hamburg is very beautiful and is full of beautiful people.

What difference did it make for your life / career?

I can understand the Germans when we play against them for the National Team! It also made me more independent as a person and increased by confidence both with my hockey career and on a personal level.  I also met some unforgettable people at GTHGC who I will not forget.

Do you have a funny story / experience to share about your experience with SWS?

When I walked the dog (who lived at the house where I stayed), a German lady came up to me to ask my some questions about the dog. I replied very confidently in my best German, to which she immediately started speaking English, it must have been my English accent!

Do you still play hockey?

 Yes J I play professionally with part of the Great Britain and England National Team, as well as playing for East Grinstead Hockey Club in the English Premier league.