Caroline Got

My name is Caroline Got I am 27 working as an executive head-hunter living in Antibes in the South of France I play hockey with Villeneuve Loubet I am happy and I love my job. I go to work with a big smile on my face I am passionate about it

and I have big plans for the future. Unfortunately I am realising that not everyone can say that about their lives…so how did I get there?


1986: I was born !!!

1991: I had a hockey stick in my hand… alongside my brother, sister, mum and dad…

2000: Sebastian Wolff, from Hamburg, came to Rouen to study and play hockey, he was financed by a hockey foundation created in the Memory of a hockey player himself. He was living in my house, we were his host family.

2002: he left us after a tragic accident which happened outside a nightclub in Rouen. His parents, Hinrich and Doni Wolff, decided to create a hockey foundation to honour his Memory.

2008: after a degree in France, I wanted to do something different, something which could change my life. I called Hinrich and went for 4 and a half year in England supported by the SWS Foundation.

2009: I was fluent in English after 6 months in Cambridge and 4 months in London

2012: I graduated from Brighton University in Management with Finance with a 2:1 degree.

2012: I was hired by MRL Consulting Group to become a head-hunter

2013: I was relocated to France to be in charge of Southern Europe. I use my English everyday at work; I didn’t think I was going to find my way so quickly after university, but I did… the proof that everything is possible when you give yourself the resources to do so…


The tournament is organised between Hamburg, Rouen and East Grintead every summer since Sebastian is gone. We meet to play hockey together, to share what we have achieved, to help others to build their future, to honour Basti’s Memory, to have fun, and to make sure we don’t stop and keep him alive on the pitch.