Dawid Zimnicki

Why did you join SWS?

I joined SWS because I came to Germany and I wanted here play hockey and learn language.


When and for how long?

August 2014 to October 2014


Where were you located?



Where were you playing hockey? Which team? …

GTHGC 1. Team


Apart from playing hockey, what were you doing with SWS? (Studying? Working? … ) Please give as much details as possible.

With SWS I had language course at school, where I learned 5 days a week for 5 hours.


What did you learn during this experience?

German language, I met german culture and wounderful city - Hamburg.


What difference did it make for your life / career?

The experience with SWS gave me good start in my private and professional life in Germany. The possibility of talking in a different language, meeting great people.


Do you have a funny story / experience to share about your experience with SWS?

It was a lot of funny stories, especially when I played in 1. team. I can forget one guy from UK, doesn't matter what a weather was, 25 degree and sun or 6 degree and rain, snow, he played always with short t-shirt without jacket or long clothing.


Do you still play hockey?



If yes, where?

GTHGC 1st Man Team


Did you ever come to the SWS tournament? Which ones?

Yes, in Hamburg 2015


What would you like to say to Hinrich and Doni (Basti’s parents)?

Thanks you very much for your opportunity learn language. It great to know, that in the World are people like Doni and Hinrich, who always help. One again thank you so much.