Graeme Scott

Why did you join SWS?

I joined SWS because it gave me a really good opportunity to learn German

and play a high level of hockey meeting new people along the way.


When and for how long?

In 2014 and 2015 for 9 months


Where were you located?



Where were you playing hockey? Which team? …

GTHGC 1. and 2. team


Apart from playing hockey, what were you doing with SWS? (Studying? Working? … )

With SWS I did a month at a language school before working as in the Sample Service at Norevo GmbH which is a multinational company supplying confectionary performers, licorice and honey. I worked there 2 days a week which allowed me to coach at GTHGC as well as train.


What did you learn during this experience?

I learnt to speak German, cook and find my way around a big foreign city.


What difference did it make for your life / career?

The SWS made a huge difference to my life as it gave me invaluable experience in living alone. The ability to speak a second language has encouraged me to learn a third which I am hoping to implement in later life when applying for jobs.


Do you have a funny story / experience to share about your experience with SWS?

When playing a match at the weekend the costume people wore when winning DoD will stay with me for a while. It consisted of bright red elasticated trousers, a yellow shirt with a denim jacket and a grey wig with a hat.


Do you still play hockey?


I play for Exeter University in the first team competing in the BUCS national cup and English Conference West League.


Final important question: What would you like to say to Hinrich and Doni (Basti’s parents)?

Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me not only with playing hockey but also working. This gave me the best opportunity to develop my German. I will always be grateful for what they did for me.


Thank you for your time and most importantly for Basti’s memory